Mass Unfollow On Twitter Using Manage Filter

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A few weeks back i wrote an article about effective techniques to instantly increase niche related followers on twitter. If you use the technique mentioned in that article your twitter followings exceeds total number of followers. After you fully realize that some adamant and soft centered people are not following you back, you must also unfollow them to decrease the number of followings to a minimum. If you have more followings than those who follow you, people do not give importance to your profile.
mass unfollow on twitter using manage filter

Some friends negatively responded about the tool which i had previously shared to mass unfollow twitter followings. A friend from India responded through email and asked for another properly working tool. So today’s brief article is about such a tool which is, as far as i know, the king of mass unfollow tools. I mean the Manage Filter.

Manage Filter is designed to mass unfollow twitter followers for diverse reasons. You may want to unfollow those who are not following you back, profiles which may be fake or those who don’t have a profile image. The tools is designed the way you want.

Price: $0

How to work with Manage Filter? 
    Go to Manage Filter, click on the big search button.
   It will lead you to twitter sign in page if you are not already.
   After you signing in, allow the application to work with your profile, it will open the twitter followers/ follwing interface. 
→    On the left side of the page, you are provided with the type of people you want to unfollow. Just click on Not following back.

mass unfollow on twitter


→   Just select the number of people you want to unfollow by general mass selection method. On the right side of the page click on Unfollow selected button.

Note: With free version of the application you can unfollow a maximum of 100 people per day.

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